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Connecting People of Color & Facilitating Opportunity at Massive Scale









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Communication is the foundation of how people interact, learn and grow.

Koffee Global Initiative, is a PoC focused project, with the intent of generating a significant uptick in the social evolution of diversity, around the workplace & local communities.
We’re doing it to advance the culture.
Connecting POC & Facilitating Opportunity at Massive Scale via Koffee

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Get answers & insights around:

Business | Education |Finance |Technology 

Agriculture | Black Owned Businesses | Healthcare
Local News | Politics | World Events  
And much more

How Koffee Works for You

Gathering people of color around meaningful questions & providing a safe place for discussion.

African American business colleagues sitting in the office and working on a touchpad.

Meet & Network Globally

Meet like-minded people for support, encouragement, and alienate loneliness.

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Engage with a Community of Peers

Contribute to and benefit from the largest collection of practical ideas, experiences, and stories from people like you.

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Amplify Word of Mouth

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention…

It’s Free!?!


The Starting Point of all Achievement is Desire

“In this world, unity is achievable only by learning to unite in spite of differences, rather than insisting on unity without differences.”

— Maulana Wahiduddin Khan